Help Grace

    We are helping Grace the Hedgehog and her friends as they are in very serious trouble. Their population has declined from 30 million in the 1970's to around 1 million now - at that rate they could be extinct by 2025. Grace is one of our rescued hedgehogs and she needs a safe home to be released in. The areas in which we can safely release Grace have been dwindling over the last 30 years. Hedgehogs are very useful visitors to any garden - they eat slugs, beetles, caterpillars and a variety of other cute creepy crawlies, in fact, everything that makes holes in your plants will probably be the prey of these spiky fellows; making them a must have in any garden.

    We have seen a massive decline in a safe, sustainable environment for Grace and her friends, so we must do all we can to halt it - but we need your help. Please make your space Grace friendly and join us. With your help we can halt the decline.

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