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Hedgehog anatomy and structure is basic, resembling primitive mammals, apart from specialisation of their integument. Both sexes have five pairs of nipples. In males the prepuce is some distance from the anus, near the navel, while in females the vulva is much closer to the anus. The testes are intra-abdominal.

Hedgehogs may be one of the oldest mammal groups, having remained relatively unchanged for around 15 million years. Their most distinguishable characteristic is their spines, which are modified hair made out of keratin, the same material as your hair and nails. Hedgehogs have 5,000 to 7,000 spines all over their body, with the exception of their underside, legs and face.

Windlesham Bowls Club

Around the UK, thousands of people are taking part in a sport that stands as a reassuring emblem of British society - one that has remained popular for centuries. When you think of bowls, it brings connotations of the summer, of parks and pristine village greens, with young and old dressed in white and the gentle ripple of applause. Windlesham, the quintessential Surrey village, has had a Bowls  green since 1933. The site adjoins the village Club and Theatre. Bowls is a sport is filled with local heroes - every club seems to have one - and Windlesham is no exception. Take, 90 year old Reg Rapley, current Chairman and the club’s Green keeper who has played at the club for decades and both he, and his wife have won almost every competition the club plays in.

Reg spends many hours a week, keeping the green in top condition for the players but he looks after the wildlife and environment to. Reg only uses organic fertilisers - he calls  the mix “Organic tea” and no pesticides-ever! A testament to Reg’s approach and  the variety of wildlife in and around the club’s site. Reg noticed a hedgehog in one of the ‘ditches’ that surround a bowling green. It was a cold and frosty morning and Reg was concerned for the Hedgehog’s wellbeing so he contacted Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue for advice. The hedgehog had become stranded on the green twice.

Harper Asprey’s founder, and Trustee, Anne Brummer went to the site and made the decision that the hedgehog - who was named, Euan - should come into the rescue centre for a few days because  Euan could not climb out himself if he was to fall in again.  It was too cold to leave Euan there he had been lucky twice already. 

Anne asked Reg  to install a ramp in the ditch area around the green so that Euan and his wild friends could find their way out of the ditch in future. He happily agreed and set about making a suitable ramp.

Euan is very distinctive because of his light colour - he’s a blond hedgehog - but similarly to humans, hedgehogs can range from light in colour to dark. It's two recessive genes that give this unique blond colour and his lovely dark eyes.

Euan spent  time at the Rescue centre being well fed and watered and is enjoying his time in the outdoor runs. He’s had a wonderful time which proves that ‘Blonds really do have more fun before he was returned to his newly adapted home.

Brian May, pictured here with Euan on the ramp said “The proof !!! He can climb out now! This chap, Euan, was rescued by Reg, from Windlesham Bowls Club when he got trapped on the sunken green lawn. After some TLC at the Rescue Centre he's fully recovered, and as soon as the heatwave is over he will be back in his familiar patch. But this time safe from entrapment - and safe from poisonous chemicals too. What a great example for Britain to follow - to give hedgehogs a chance to recover.”

Euan the hedgehog is now fully recovered and will return home very soon. His release has been temporarily delayed by the current run of hot weather. It’s very hard for wild animals to find food and essential water they need to survive. Hedgehogs like Euan, will eat earthworms, beetles and slugs and snails but during the hot weather they burrow deep into the ground as they need the moisture in the soil to survive and that puts them out of reach of Euan and his spikes friends - leaving them hungry. And as natural water sources run low or dry up - the search for water becomes literally, life or death for them.

We are encouraging everyone to put a shallow dish of water out for wild animals every night. Ideally, the plant pot trays you can buy in garden centres. These should be filled with gravel, as this helps to reduce evaporation and leaves small droplets of water under the gravel that all wildlife instinctively knows to search for” It also stops any accidents if baby hedgehogs fall in”

The Amazing Grace team  presented the bowls club with a hedgehog friendly banner  and also picked up some tips on how to play bowls. This much needed advice and guidance will be vital as the Windlesham Bowls Club have challenged the Amazing Grace team to a bowls match to decide who will win the Hedgehog Cup!

Windlesham became Surrey’s first ‘hedgehog friendly village’ and the members of Windlesham Bowls  Club have shown incredible support and commitment to help hedgehogs like Euan and his friends.

Why not make your bowls club hedgehog friendly  and send us details of your work to support hedgehogs to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to feature here on our site. 

*Ernie the hedgehog

Some of you may have noticed that Ernie the Hedgehog was released during daylight. This is not a common practice. Ernie had been in our care for around 6 months. We wanted to ensure that he found his bearings really quickly, because the original area he was being released back to - on Heatherside - had changed dramatically. Several acres of shrubs and hedges directly in his territory had been removed during his time with us changing the landscape dramatically. It was decided to release him an hour before sunset, so that he could be followed easily and we could check that his demeanour reflected a knowledge of the area. Ernie very quickly found his bearings and was subsequently seen on trap cameras back in his original feeding station over the next few weeks - making it a successful release.

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