What do these spiky critters eat?

Often called ‘a gardener’s best friend’, hedgehogs are a helpful presence in any garden. They eat beetles, worms, slugs, caterpillars and a variety of other creepy crawlies and garden pests.

In fact, anything that eats holes in your plants is likely to be the prey of these spiky critters.  In a single night, a hedgehog can eat more than 100 caterpillars!  They rely on their hearing and exceptional sense of smell to make up for their poor eyesight when foraging for invertebrates.

Although invertebrates are their most typical food source, hedgehogs have been known to eat a wide array of different foods, from fallen fruits to roadkill.  In private gardens, hedgehogs' natural diet can be supplemented with unsalted nuts, mealworms and tinned dog or cat food.

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