Encourage Hedgehogs

Constructing a wildlife garden is not dependant on size, it is dependant on facilities. Just like humans, you can live in a palace or a maisonette but your needs remain the same - you need to feel safe, protected and have access to water. Growing plants - especially native species - that attract insects is a good way to make your garden hedgehog friendly. Including fruits or vegetables amongst your flowers will help to further attract invertebrates, and thereby encourage hedgehogs to take up residence.

You can attract hedgehogs to your garden and encourage them to stay by setting out a dish of water and supplemental food. Dog or cat food, chopped nuts and minced meats are suitable foods to leave out. To avoid attracting flies, food should be set out at sunset and collected in the morning if not eaten.

If provided, hedgehogs will take up residence in ‘hedgehog houses’ that are weather-proofed and well-positioned, i.e. along a linear feature such as a fence or a hedge, and near plants.  Once occupied, do not disturb or uncover the nest to take a peep.

If you think your garden is ‘Grace Friendly’, tell us about it on our ‘Grace Friendly Gardens’ page!

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