• Who is this Amazing Grace?

Who is this Amazing Grace?

Grace is the hoglet that inspired a Rock God and the entire campaign! Grace was found with a neck wound. She came to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue where her deep cut was cleaned - she had 'flystrike' (myiasis) and tiny maggots had already started hatching. Some of the fly eggs and maggots were found inside her mouth. Just eight hours after being laid, fly eggs can hatch into maggots and start feeding on their host. They can be destroyed in stomach acid but can also continue to eat the host alive. In nature this process is essential for removing dead and decaying animal matter from the environment, but on a live animal it is often fatal. 

Grace made an amazing recovery whilst in our care and showed the same fight and strength we typically see from hedgehogs; they are stoic. She stole our hearts during her stay and because of her inspiring recovery, Grace has become the star of the #AmazingGrace campaign to save the U.K.'s hedgehogs and ensure that they are able to establish healthy, thriving populations.

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