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Found a Hedgehog out during the Day?

Although they are primarily nocturnal, hedgehogs can be seen out during the day if they are pregnant, building a nest or preparing for hibernation (or for a multitude of other reasons). There is usually no need to rescue a hedgehog a hedgehog you see during the daylight in most cases, especially if it seems to be foraging, have a healthy weight (at least 600 grams), or otherwise seems to be healthy. If, however, it is visibly injured, bleeding, sluggish, limping or seems generally unwell, contact us or your local wildlife rescue.

Found a Sick or Injured Hedgehog?

If you see a hedgehog with obvious injuries, get help as quickly as possible. Call us at 01344 623106 or contact your local wildlife rescue. For hedgehogs that seem sick, i.e. they are staggering, sluggish etc, call for help and bring them inside in a large box and keep them warm (e.g. with a hot water bottle). Line the box with clean hay, dry leaves or crumpled newspapers, and provide fresh, clean water and some tinned dog food. When handling hedgehogs, especially hoglets, wear gloves so as not to leave your scent on them. If you see a hedgehog that appears to be healthy, leave it alone, as any disturbance may cause it undue stress.

Help a Rescued Hedgehog

We run a soft release program for all of our rescued hedgehogs that come in as orphans or are unable to return to the area in which they were found. We are always looking for more volunteers to help host a soft release site. People wishing to support us in this will be required to construct a release pen to our specifications and attend one of our release courses. Learn more by visiting our Hedgehog Release Program page.

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