Garden Netting

Garden netting can also be a potential hazard for hedgehogs as they can easily get tangled up in it. If you must use netting, please leave a gap of 8 inches from the ground and ensure that it is safely secured so that hedgehogs can easily pass under it. This applies to all pea netting, tennis nets, football nets etc. Unused netting should be stored safely away. We find many different wildlife gets caught in this netting. Hedgehogs can sometimes pass through but there spins prevent them for getting back and once caught can swell and in extreme cases die. We see tiny hedgehogs caught and hung in netting so please be careful.

Barbed wire should also be kept above ground and should never be left trailing or carelessly discarded.  If you do find a hedgehog tangled up in some garden netting, call a veterinarian or your local wildlife rescue do not release straight way as swelling can happen days later. 


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