• Hedge Honcho

Hedge Honcho

Tracey Crouch is Officially our Parliamentary Hedgehog Champion.

We have seen an incredible rise in support over the last twelve months for Grace and her army thanks to their tireless efforts increasing awareness to ease the plight of our beloved hedgehogs. Grace wants to make the country a better place for her, and her spiky friends, and in fact all wildlife. Not being one to sit back and rest on their laurels she went in search of for support in the corridors of power.

It’s with great excitement, that Grace, Anne & Brian, take great pleasure in announcing Tracey Crouch MP as 'Hedge Honcho' for this session of parliament. Tracey Crouch has an impeccable history in animal welfare and environmental issues and was the perfect person to take on the roll.

Tracey will be working closely with Brian, Anne, Grace and the team, to take the fight for our native hedgehogs and other wildlife’s survival directly into the heart of British Government with Tracey’s support in her role as ‘Hedge Honcho’ we look forward to a brighter future for wildlife throughout our great and much loved country.

Tracey will be officially sworn in on the 7th January 2020.

Photos above:  

Brian and Tracey in the Houses of Parliament                 

Grace the Hedgehog excited with the news of a "Hedge Honcho".           

Brian and Anne taking a hedgehog box to a school in Traceys  Constituency 



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