Hedgehogs are opportunists and, provided they have sufficient food, water and a suitable nesting site, can thrive in both rural and urban areas and will love  in your garden.  When making  your garden ‘Grace friendly’ keep in mind that a hedgehog will rest and shelter where it feels safest and unexposed, e.g. in wild patches within a garden or hidden under a pile of sticks. Providing cover and access is essential when encouraging  them to your space. They love hedgerows and the invertebrate that live there. The damp soil is the perfect environment for food and the dense hedgerow proved safe resting and nesting sites.

These ‘desressy’ are just what our hedgehogs need. You can create cover artificially by planting shrubs and create safe nesting sites by providing strong, safe and waterproof boxes in quiet spots within your garden.

Remember to keep away for the new box once sited and only monitor by remote cameras, hedgehogs will not feel safe if you keep looking in your box.  Grace needs several locations to sleep so we recommend multiple sites and a t lease two hedgehog boxes. 

Remember Graces Giant Tale: If you were sleeping and a giant lifted the corner of your roof to see if you were safe you most likely would not sleep there ever again. They do not know you are trying to help them so please help them by leaving them alone so they feel safe and watching from a distance.

If you are lucky enough to have hedgehogs they will thrive and help you keep the bugs under control. Our team are available to come and personally visit your garden if you live in Surrey Heath or surrounding areas and advise you on the simple changes you can make to encourage Grace in your space. We can advise by phone for areas further a field and you can always send us photographs for more custom advice.

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