• Meet the Hogstars

Meet the Hogstars!

We want to know if you see a hedgehog - in your garden - local area or even an Angel hedgehog. Please take a few moments to put your hedgehog sightings onto Grace's Map - wherever you are in the UK we need your data! Map here: Project Amazing Grace Hedgehog Map

Granny Dale

Granny Dale: She is a very old wise hedgehog and loves her favourite invertebrates for dinner. She only ventures to the good vertebrate guide restaurants and knows exactly where to find them. She knows what seasons of year they have food available and in droughts and cold weather she can still finds the best food for hedgehogs!


The Matriarch looking down from on high guiding generations with wisdom and grace

Azrael is the Hedgehog angel. She’s a guiding star of generations of hedgehogs. Her story has been told by generations of hedgehogs and will be forever more…

Have you seen a hogstar?

Get your hedgehog  on our map and help us to save Britain’s hedgehogs on village at time.


A feisty mum who has cared for many hoglets and never stops protecting each and every one of them. 

Picalilly loves being with the hoglets. This busy Mum simply never stops - She exhausting to watch!  She’ll make sure the hoglets in her care get 24-7 attention She shows them where to feed and once they are occupied you will find her gathering her nesting material or tidying out the hog house


Edmund He can get in and out of anything The most adventurous hog alive

Edmund is an all action hogleteer. Courageous and brave - He’s loves an adventure and usually finds one! He’s got himself into some very tricky situations but he always finds a way out of them…


A busy bustling boy who thinks the big winter sleep is for wimps He simply never rests. Puddlestump is a natural athlete - Have you ever seen a hedgehog running?  This boys ‘nippy’ - Don’t Blink or he will be gone! Puddlestump doesn’t hibernate as he doesn't want to miss out on anything think so  the ‘big Winter sleep’ is a waste of his time for him  -  he’s clever and his ever twitching nose is lightning quick to find gardens that feed through the winter months - you’ll need to be quick to see him…


Reliable, brave and strong, her will to survive is infinite, with her help hedgehogs will overcome these testing times and flourish again

Grace is a natural leader, strong, brave and always fair. Grace is driven by a desire to help save her fellow hedgehogs - She has many celebrity friends and is a tireless campaigner. Everybody loves Grace - She is simply Amazing!


Splash Just as happy swimming the lakes as running up hills. This little hog is super fit

Splash is a super fit hedgehog. He loves to run under hedgerows and swim through garden ponds - but only when he knows they have a safe way out for him! He’s A hedgehog lighting Bolt!


Slumbert Always looking for somewhere dry to snuggle down. Sleep is foremost on his mind

Slumbert loves to snooze all day in his warm, safe, and comfy bed and he always knows where to find one. He always looking for  the safest dryest place to rest and always find it.

He’s even been known to nod off between big sleeps! Slumbert ‘the sleepy hog’ is really very good at counting sheep…

Uncle Reg

A real jobsworth If the worst can happen…It probably will Continually enlightening the hogs lets as to where they are going wrong

We all know someone like Uncle Reg - He’s a ‘stickler’ for the rules. WALK - Don’t run… Voices in pockets and only speak one at a time… Poor Uncle Reg - His glass is always ‘half empty’ His motto is ‘If something can go wrong - It probably will

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