Amazing Grace PR 20th June 2017

  "Meet the Hedgehogs" TV Documentary  Tuesday 20th June 2017 8pm on Channel 5 Everyone loves hedgehogs! Brian May, Guitar legend and founder of the supergroup Queen, will be appearing

in this 60 minute documentary with Steve Backshall, Naturalist and TV Presenter.

In this charming documentary, Steve Backshall visits the Surrey village of Windlesham - the ’Hedgehog Friendly’ village following a campaign by Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue who are based in the village. Queen legend Brian May supports the centre which shares the buildings with Brian’s own animal welfare charity, Save Me Trust. 

We get to see a unique insight into the workings of a wildlife rescue centre and the challenges faced by some of it’s ‘spiky’ patients. The cameras followed the centre’s founder, Anne Brummer and her team of volunteers as they help sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs, each with their own unique problems and needs.

We get to meet ‘Baby Natalie’ who was tragically orphaned before her eyes were even open, Abbie who has a painful abscess on her leg, Claude who needs to be rescued and Ernie on his journey back to the wild.

We get to follow them on their individual journeys and experience some of the ups and downs that Anne and her incredible team of volunteers experience on a day to day basis. 

Steve Backshall talks with Brian May about Hedgehogs and why wildlife is so important to him. In a revealing interview, the rock legend shares his concerns for the future of hedgehogs and explains some of the things that we can all do to help wildlife in our gardens.

Amazing Grace is a campaign to save Britain’s hedgehogs. Anne and the team at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue have already made their home village of Windlesham ‘Hedgehog Friendly’, by working with the local community they have surveyed the local population and provided every resident with a leaflet on how to make their own garden ‘hedgehog-friendly’. The campaign is now working on a further four towns and villages.

Anne Brummer - trustee and founder of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue - said “Hedgehogs are in serious trouble, their numbers have declined massively over the last 20 years and they need help”.

"We named the campaign after Grace who was injured and orphaned when she came to the rescue centre last year”, Anne continued “We plan to make villages, towns, and cities all over the UK Hedgehog Friendly by working together with local communities. We are looking for volunteers who want be a Hedgehog Champion in their local area - they just need to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Steve also travels the country meeting other people dedicated to helping the hogs, finds out how to make our gardens more appealing to the animals, goes on a night-time hedgehog-spotting walk in London’s Regent’s Park and meets Derek, a bald hog whose spines fell out because of stress.


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