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  • Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs – Surrey Wildlife Rescue features in two one hour documentaries broadcasting on Channel 5 - 8pm on Wednesday 8th May 2019 and Wednesday 15th May 2019

Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs – Surrey Wildlife Rescue features in two one hour documentaries broadcasting on Channel 5 - 8pm on Wednesday 8th May 2019 and Wednesday 15th May 2019

Britain’s favourite wild animal - the Hedgehog is in trouble - and they need your help!

Anne Brummer, founder of Surrey based Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue in Windlesham  has collaborated with Channel 5 television for two one hour documentaries highlighting the plight of Britain’s hedgehog population and calling on the public for their help. Featuring  Queen legend Dr Brian May and wildlife adventurer Steve Backshall, the programmes will be broadcast on Channel 5 Wednesday 8th May 2019 and Wednesday 15th May 2019 as part of Hedgehog Awareness Week May 5th - 11th 2019.

Anne Brummer set up her animal rescue thirty years ago and drew the attention of Queen’s Brian May who now supports the projects and with Anne has set up the Save Me Trust which aims to protect wildlife across the nation and has drawn national attention for its campaign work in badger and bovine Tb, anti- fox hunting, and protection and conservation of our threatened wildlife, prominent among them Britain’s favourite wild animal, the hedgehog.

Addressing our nation’s dramatically declining hedgehog population, Anne set up the Amazing Grace Project to save Britain’s hogs one town and village at a time. Currently working in their home area of Surrey Heath, Anne and her team are working with local communities to save their local hogs.

Their work is the focus of these two Channel 5 documentaries. 

Says Anne, “After nearly 30 years of rescuing and rehabilitating hedgehogs it was clear these wonderful animals were in trouble - their population numbers have plummeted in that time - it was clear something needed to be done. But it’s not too late! It’s still within our gift to change the fate of the humble hog so get your space Grace safe and ensure hedgehogs populations increase for generations to come !

Anne adds: “There are 5 things everyone can do in their own garden - We call them Grace’s 5 point charter”. “They are simple and don’t take a lot of time but will make a massive difference to your local hedgehogs”.

The Amazing Grace team are training volunteers to survey throughout Surrey Heath. Anne says:

“It’s important we know where hedgehogs are but also where they are not. Early results of the surveys are encouraging, it seems everyone in Surrey Heath has a hedgehog within 200 metres of their home. 

“That’s why it’s vital to do the 5 simple things in Grace’s Charter - this will help reconnect hedgehog populations and ensure they can roam freely to find food, water and shelter and meet other hedgehogs to help rebuild their populations.”  

The Amazing Grace project is being supported by Dr Brian May’s Save Me Trust, British Hedgehog Preservation Society and Spike’s Hedgehog Food - who are donating to the project for every pack of Spike’s food sold. 

For more information please visit www.gracethehedghog.co.uk 

Anne Brummer is available for interview.

For more information / photos please contact:

Nigel Palmer

Save Me Trust

Tel 01344 625800

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Grace’s 5 point Charter 

5 things everyone can do - they won’t take long but they will make a big difference to Grace and her Hoggy friends. 

Here’s what you can do to help. 

Number one: Access and Egress - get hedgehogs in and out of your garden Link the gardens in your neighbourhood with Hedgehog Highways. Ensuring that hedgehogs can pass freely through your garden is the most important thing you can do to help them, as often our garden fences and walls restrict the amount of roaming space available to them. We can create the biggest nature reserve in the UK if we all link our gardens together.

Number two  Slugs and Bugs 

Leave part of your garden to grow wild; hedges with natural undergrowth, plant nectar rich wild flowers and create log piles to encourage wildlife into your garden and provide an abundant food source, attracting insects and grubs.  Leave out suitable food, such as specialist hedgehog food, or chicken-based cat food, and water all year round.

Number Three:  Nesting and Resting 

Provide a house or a log pile that is safe place for a resting hedgehog. Gaps under your sheds or a compost heap will fit the bill. 

Number Four:  Drink or Drown 

Hedgehog need water. Please put out a shallow dish daily. Ponds are great but make sure swimming pools and garden ponds have a graduated side or chicken wire overhanging so that hedgehogs can scramble out.

Number Five: Do or Die 

Check you space for hedgehogs hazards. Make sure drains are covered so hedge-

hogs can’t fall in and make sure netting is eight inches above the ground so hedgehogs don’t get caught.


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